The Institute for Psychological Applications (IΨE), was established in 2002 in Athens – Greece, following its successful presence in London. IΨΕ’s mission includes the advancement of scientific knowledge and practice in the fields of psychology and business. It is an organization that provides multidimensional psychological applications that include:

  • highly specialized psychotherapeutic services
  • accredited professional supervision and trainings
  • thematic retreats
  • dissemination of relevant scientific information to the public


ΙΨΕ incorporates the International Center of Istamology (ICIs) that promotes Istamology, a unique theoretical approach and relevant applications, that aims to advance the business structure, interpersonal processes, productivity as well as the economy (Tachmatzidis, Malama, 2011). Istamology focuses on the interaction between psychological and business factors in the areas of the strategic management and communication, organizational culture, investment behavior. An accredited training on Istamology has been offered to public and private:

  • organizations
  • executives
  • management staff
  • employees


IΨΕ is an Institute with international presence and orientation. It has established cooperation with professional bodies and organizations in a global scale in order to participate in high-end scientific activities and developments in the fields of its interest.